Brewing equipment

One early success was based on Tribute, a lovingly-crafted British bitter ale developed by the tiny St. Austell brewery in Cornwall.  German Kolschs, Czech Pilsners, Belgian Saisons and American IPAs have all flowed from SCB's prolific pipes.  Among our beers: Speckled Heifer Cream Ale, Dead Ringer IPA, Amarillo Smash Pale Ale, Once in a Blue Moon, Season Saison, Sligo Creek Red and an American Hopped Extra Special Bitter that some people know as Raccoon Red.

  • Down Under IPA       brewed 19 March 2013

    Plenty of New Zealand hops will make this a spicy IPA.  The grains were mashed in a bag at 152 degrees.  The wort was boiled for 60 minutes.  We were aiming for an 8 gallon batch and had just over ten gallons at the beginning of the boil.  However, in the end we were left with just over 6 gallons for fermentation.  There may be a problem with our measurements in the new, larger boil pot.  The grains were milled much finer than usual (with a new grinder). 

    18 lbs 2-Row
    1 lb CaraPils
    1 lb Crystal 60

    1 oz Magnum  AA-     45 min
    1 oz Jade    AA-         30 min
    1 oz Pacific NZ   AA-   15 min
    1 oz Pacific NZ     10 min
    1 oz Pacific NZ       5 min
    1 oz Pacific NZ       0 min

    Gypsum added at the beginning of the boil.  Liquid Super Moss with ten minutes left.

    Tossed with dry US 05 yeast at 60 degrees.

  • SCB Groundhog IPA      brewed 26 February 2013

    A rich amber IPA using Munich 10 and Honey Malt grains enhanced with three different hops from the Pacific Northwest.  Mashed in a bag at 152 degrees for an hour, with a quick boost to 165 degrees for the last ten minutes.  A 60-minute boil yielded five gallons.

    11 lbs 2-Row
    .75 lb Organic Munich 10
    .25 lb Honey Malt
    025 lb Aromatic

    1 oz Chinook   AA- 11.1   60 min
    1 oz Centennial   AA- 8.8    30 min
    1 oz Cascade  AA- 5.9    10 min

    A capful of gypsum was added at the beginning of the boil.  Diluted Super Moss with 10 min left.

    Pitched with dry US 05 yeast.

  • SCB California Blonde     brewed 15 February 2013

    A light American Pale Ale boiled for 90 minutes with plenty of west coast hops to add lots of flavor.  The grains were mashed in a bag for 60 minutes at 154 degrees. A boil size of 9.75 gallons yielded 6 gallons for the fermenting pails.

    10 lbs American Pale Ale

     .... 1.5 lbs of liquid Amber Malt Extract added after the mash

    1 oz Magnum  AA- 13.5   60 min
    1 oz Magnum   20 min
    1 oz Magnum   0 min (for aroma)

    Tossed with pre-started liquid Wyeast - American Ale 1056.